6 Awesome eCommerce Website Examples

Mar 19, 2020 | Website Design

If you saw our comprehensive guide to eCommerce web design, you know that creating an online space that is both functional and beautiful is a challenging endeavor.

So, here’s a little bit of inspiration for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best examples we could find of businesses that are leveraging the power of their online spaces to create meaningful shopping experiences for their customers. From homepage design to product filters to calls-to-action, these companies are nailing the “musts” of the digital shopping space.?

1. Bite

Bite eCommerce Website Design

This company’s innovative approach to the daily practice of brushing your teeth is reflected in its fresh and fun website design. Their homepage features clean, bright product photography, a strong call to action, and clear, engaging copy that quickly educates the customer on their reinvention of this daily ritual. The company features its product ingredients in easy-to-digest snippets that both educate and convince.

Bite Ecommerce Website Example Design

Notice that Bite features well-known publications it has been featured in above the fold on their homepage. This is a strong move for a new company trying to establish its place in a saturated market.

2. Allbirds

allbirds ecommerce website design

Allbirds, the environment-friendly sneaker brand that has taken the shoe world by storm, has a website that features user-friendly pages and easy-to-understand explanations of their products and materials. The brand’s website is rife with catchy phrases and fun, minimalist design that makes this company feel cutting-edge.

Allbirds’ focus on their shoe materials is a major part of the website’s design. Their materials page features four beautifully shot and edited videos showing the process for sourcing and producing the wool, tree, sugar, and Trino used for their products. Transparency to this extent is a major selling point in the modern market, so when a business can use that to its advantage, it should.

allbirds ecommerce website design

3.The Sill

the sill ecommerce website design example

Houseplants are having a moment and The Sill is a company that hopes to encourage that trend through home delivery and subscription services for a wide variety of potted plants. This website is a prime example of a sales-focused homepage: a prominent call-to-action, popular product features, a newsletter sign-up option, and tips for beginning “plant parents.”?

the sill ecommerce website design example

The Sill’s product pages are something to study carefully. Their product photography is cohesively styled to create a clean, fresh brand aesthetic, and their product categories and filters not only offer endless customization, but they educate customers along the way. Whether you’re a brand new plant owner or a tried-and-true green thumb, The Sill’s online shopping experience and supportive resources are purposefully designed to keep you engaged in the many facets of their brand.?

4. Rebecca Atwood

rebecca ecommerce website design example

Brooklyn-based textile designer Rebecca Atwood’s website is a perfect representation of her brand: simple, whimsical, and just a little bit luxurious. Her interactive homepage banner offers a unique twist on product features – just hover over one of the numbers on the photograph and preview that item’s description, and then you can choose to shop from there.?

The designer’s checkout page is a great example of keeping it simple, while still aligning the webpage design with your brand. The user experience is easy to navigate and understand, but the product image, font, and clean lines still hint at the elegance of the brand.

shop page ecommerce website design example

5. Malai

malai ecommerce website design example

Malai, a New York-based ice cream company that features exotic twists on traditional flavors, has a website that does the same. A twist on a normal scrolling experience keeps its audience engaged and on their toes, just like their flavors. The company features an interactive product page and minimalist design.?

This brand has a unique backstory that intertwines with its mission and niche: Indian-inspired ice cream flavors. Malai’s “Our Story” page does a great job of highlighting the heart behind the company, something that is important for any eCommerce site.

malai ecommerce website design example

6. Haus

haus ecommerce website design example

London furniture company Haus has a website that reflects its products: modern, sleek, and minimal. Like many great eCommerce stores, this website greets you with a pop-up asking you to join its email newsletter. With its easy-to-navigate product listings featured on the home page and no-frills user experience, Haus makes purchasing an easy decision.?

Haus does a great job, especially in the challenging furniture market, of placing strong CTA’s all over its site. Banners, large buttons, and pop-ups help emphasize promotions that aim to convince their shoppers to make a purchase with them, now.?

haus ecommerce website design example


As you can see from these stellar eCommerce design examples, crafting an online store that captures the essence of your brand and attracts your ideal buyer is a layered, strategic process that is well worth the investment of time and resources.

To see how Deal Digital can help you achieve your goals with your eCommerce website, take a look at our website design?services?page. Our team is well-versed in what an efficient eCommerce website needs in order to be successful.

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