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Apr 22, 2020 | Website Design

Designing a digital storefront for your business takes tons of intentionality, strategy, and vision. But, there’s no better way to quickly convey your brand’s feel, voice, value, and mission than with your online space.?

Like any other field of commerce, website trends are constantly improving and evolving, as should your own site. A total revamp isn’t always necessary – instead, implementing one or more current design trends is all it takes for your audience to trust that you are relevant and “with the times.”?

So, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest web design trends of 2020 for you to consider as you update and revamp different design elements of your eCommerce site.?

1. Dark Mode


Dark Mode Website Dark Mode Website


Dark mode is all the rage this year on almost every major design and publication website around. This trend could mean that we will see designers producing dark-themed websites, or we may even see some sites that allow a user to decide whether they’d like to enable a dark-mode version as they browse.?

Some advocates of using dark mode note that it requires less eye strain for its users and is more efficient for the battery life of your devices. These benefits are still questioned by some, but what is certain is that a dark-themed website, when done well, can be a stunning display of sophistication and creativity.


2. Hand-Drawn Elements


Hand-Drawn Elements Hand-Drawn Elements


We will see a rise in hand-drawn sketches, cartoons, and icons on this year’s trendiest websites. Adding hand-drawn elements are a great way to incorporate warmth and a human element to your brand and site. The sense of intentional imperfection puts consumers at ease and builds inherent trust and enjoyment in your brand.


3. Layers/Perceived Depth


Website design layers trend Website design layers trend


Layered design elements on your website’s pages create a sense of depth and mimic the 3D trends we’re seeing, but on a 2D scale. Use photographs, graphic elements, videos, or even text to create layers that draw in your users and create visual interest.


4. Minimalism/White Space


minimalist website design minimalist website design


This isn’t a new trend by any means, but the “less is more” mantra should still apply to most areas of your site. Dedicated white space is a foundational design principle that contributes to ease-of-use on your site for your customers. Play around with white space borders on your home pages this year instead of the full-bleed images that have dominated sites for the last few years.


5. 3D Experiences


3d website design 3d website design


This trend is by far the flashiest of this list, but is something that more and more designers are adding to their toolkits which, in turn, has made this more affordable to commission than ever before. Adding 3D elements, especially interactive ones, to your site enhances the user experience in new and exciting ways.?


6. A Focus on Fonts


font-focused website design font-focused website design


A reimagining of the role that fonts can play in your web design is a low-cost, low-risk trend to try on for size. We’re seeing websites that feature fonts as the main (or only!) design element on their home pages, we’re seeing a nod to vintage-inspired fonts on sleek, modern sites, and we’re seeing designers push the envelope on font sizes (hint: bigger is better).?

We hope that a glimpse into this year’s hottest design trends will inspire you to head to the drawing board and reimagine certain elements of your eCommerce site. Remember, user experience should inform every single design decision you make, so only choose the trend(s) that you think will immediately enhance your customer’s time on your website.?

For inspiration, consultation, or support in designing or redesigning your site, contact our team here at Deal Digital. We cherish the opportunity to maximize your site’s space with cutting-edge design.

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