What Is Remarketing?

Jul 27, 2020 | Digital Advertising

Remarketing is one of the hottest trends in digital advertising, and for good reason. It’s a smart, efficient way to attract the very best clients to your site.?

In this article, we will explore this new trend, why it’s so popular, and how much it costs to get started.?

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is, essentially, targeted marketing to someone that has already shown interest in your product. In many ways, it’s a business owner’s dream come true.?

Every time someone visits your site, a cookie is added to their browser that alerts Google’s Ad Network that this is someone you want to remarket to. They are already a “warm” lead because they’ve engaged with your site or product. Retargeting them with ads as they browse other sites is a great way to keep them moving along your sales funnel.


In an earlier blog post about digital advertising, we talked about “display ads” – ads that are displayed on the perimeters of websites as your customers browse. If you’ve ever had the somewhat eerie experience of seeing an item you looked at yesterday suddenly advertised to you on your Facebook feed, you have been a recipient of remarketing.

Many eCommerce sites use remarketing as a way to recover abandoned carts. If a customer adds an item to their cart on a website and then gets distracted or just isn’t quite ready to make the purchase, a not-so-subtle remarketing ad can display those abandoned cart items in an effort to get the user to complete their purchase.?

Does it actually work?

It really does! One of the best metrics to measure the success of any digital ad is its Click Through Rate (CTR), or the rate at which your customers click the ad and go to your site. The CTR for a normal display ad is only .07% whereas the CTR for a retargeted ad is .7%.?

And, you know it works when some of the biggest companies from around the globe are using remarketing as their bread and butter of digital advertising. Companies such as Zappos, Levis, Nike, Airbnb, Madewell, Amazon, Facebook, and Google use this strategy to more intelligently target ideal customers.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the best part. Remarketing is often much cheaper than a normal pay-per-click (PPC) display ad.?

On Google’s Ad Network (one of the best places to get started with online advertising), traditional PPC ads will cost several dollars per click. A remarketing ad, by comparison, is often less than one dollar per click.?

Remarketing is truly the best bang for your buck when it comes to digital ads. If you have traffic coming into your site, you would be remiss not to spend some of your ad money on remarketing efforts where you can target those warm leads and turn them into paying customers.

If your team could use help getting started with digital advertising, get in touch with us at Deal Digital today.

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